Rates and Fees

CashTodayExpress provides installment loans as short term loans with an online application form and easy monthly repayments. The approved amount varies from borrower to borrower based on their credit eligibility but imperfect ratings are never a consideration. However for the first time an amount of $1,000 to $1500 is approved to the borrower. Being one of the most trusted direct lender we provide 72-hour Satisfaction Guarantee to our customers on our installment loans. Even after the loan processing you feel that you do not require it, just let us know at CashTodayExpress. If you return the principal amount within 72 hours, we won't charge you any extra charges. Once approved, there will be a Same Day Cash Deposit directly to your bank account. The funds thus initiated would be of great use in solving unexpected financial needs and long unpaid dues.

Repaying the loan

You will have the following choices for an installment loan from CashTodayExpress

  • The composite loan amount and EMI.
  • The loan tenure which can be stretched to 6 months maximum.
Rates and Fees:

Our fees for every $100 is $30 and the APR will range from 365.00% to 1564.28%, but that depends on the loan tenure and the number of EMI's you will be paying. However if you can manage an earlier payment, the fees will come down as per the reduced EMI schedules, but there will be no prepayment penalty. The sooner you repay, the lower will be your fees.

The charges for a bounced check or non-sufficient funds (NSF) is $20.

However the final terms regarding the APR and fee structure will depend on the terms and conditions of the loan policy you availed. The Loan agreement will include all the details related to APR, fees, and re-payment with regards to TILA (TRUTH-IN-LENDING DISCLOSURES).

For more information refer to the FAQ page our site.

For a sample loan break-up, refer to the following to know how our interest rates and fees function for standard fast cash online loan of $200.

Sample Repayment Schedule for a $200 Loan

Number of Payments Amount of Payments When Payments Are Due
1 $74.00 January 2, 2017
1 $69.79 January 17, 2017
1 $65.60 February 1, 2017
1 $61.39 February 16, 2017
1 $57.19 March 3, 2017
1 $53.00 March 20, 2017
1 $48.79 April 4, 2017
1 $44.59 April 19, 2017
1 $40.39 May 4, 2017
1 $36.19 May 19, 2017
1 $78.00 June 3, 2017