To help you understand what you're getting into

During a financial emergency, it is almost impossible for you to attain a loan with a low-interest rate immediately in the traditional way of borrowing. A ton of documentation, a prolonged verification and approval process, and receiving a written check (in some cases) with a minimum waiting period of 2-3 days make it inconvenient in times of urgent monetary need of relatively small amounts.

Online Loans for Bad Credit

As a legitimate direct lender online, CashTodayExpress solves these problems by providing you with loans that can be approved in as little as 3 minutes! While giving you the option of having cash up to $1000 with unsecured installment loans and payday loans to suit your preference, we also conduct no credit checks. Our payday and installment loans are available to those with a bad credit score without regard to their credit history. At the same time, we make sure that our interest rates are affordable, our application process is one of the simplest, and the repayment terms the most flexible. As a lender that you would want to do business for the long term with, we offer our regular users even more benefits and assistance with important and necessary information.